Christian Ed invites you to join us for our first Sunday Seminar of 2022 “The Care & Keeping of You and Your Legacy” on Sunday, February 27th, at 1 PM on Zoom. We spend our lives working hard to build up savings so we can spend money on things we need, want, and are passionate about. We know how to budget and plan for our day-to-day lives, but how to we ensure our money keeps working the way we want it to afte we’re gone and that our loved ones aren’t struggling to sort everything out? We also make decisions about our health and wellness, but how do we make sure our wishes about our care are known and met in the event we are no longer able to communicate?

Our own Dave Bole has some answers and will be leading us in a presentation on Estate Planning going over wills, Power of Attorney, insurance, taxes, and other important planning we all should do to have control over our legacy and end of life arrangements, providing peace of mind for us and those we leave behind.