We remember and give thanks for those members of the church who have gone before us to be with the Lord. We are comforted, as the Scriptures remind us, that both in life and in death we belong to the Lord. (Rom. 14:8).

We pray that God will make complete the union of our departed ones and Himself, and that we might one day share in the same eternal communion. We call to remembrance those members of the church who departed since the prior All Saints Sunday.


Sandy DiBlasio


Betty Gottschall

Alice Virginia (Ginny) Michel

Robert Mullan

Ronald A. Battersby

Michael Murphy 



Bob Michel

Art DeBlasio

Ruth Talbert

Anne Sailer

Arleen Friel
Arthur G. Hirtler
Pete Ganguzza
Donna Abraham
Gladys Therkildsen
Marion Fromm
Fred Ellis

Joy Squilanti
Bill Fechtmann
Nancy Younger
Dave Llewellyn

Barbara Hickey
Eugene Hayden
Bill Wilson
John Bilyk

Walter Hickey
Walter Miller
Audrey Michel

Jackie Metropoulos
Carl Therkildsen
Marie Grumbrecht
George Arnold
Harry Leiding
Marie Lewis
Helen Hirtler

Frank L. Conley
Charles F. Schneider, Jr.
Lucile Spinelly
Peter G. Banta
Alice Naprstek