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 Church Administrator

The Second Reformed Church of Hackensack

436 Union Street Hackensack, NJ. 07601

Part Time - Salaried $22k/year


Landmark church with an active congregation seeks a responsible, proactive, communicative administrator to oversee the maintenance and security of our building and grounds and ensure that Sunday worship and weekday church functions are properly prepared for and provisioned. Responsibilities include overseeing the church sexton, retaining and managing the services of outside contractors and vendors, and interfacing with the pastors, other employees, church officers, visitors, and public officials. We are looking for an organized person with good people skills, good character, and two years’ church administrator or comparable on-site building management experience. This is a salaried, part-time position averaging 12 hours a week, including attendance at key church meetings.

See below for more details.

To apply, email resume and cover letter to


Key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Report to the pastors and Vice President of the governing board (the Consistory)
  • Attend monthly Consistory  and Property Committee meetings and provide a report one week prior
  • Oversee the work of the sexton and ensure proper cleaning, maintenance, and trash collection
  • Take charge of building and grounds security, maintenance of security systems, locks, video cams, and distribution of keys to authorized persons
  • Ensure that all safety protocols and equipment are in order.
  • Conduct routine inspections, anticipate needed repairs and improvements, and report same to Property Committee
  • Solicit bids, hire, and supervise contractors for repairs, maintenance, improvements, snow removal and landscaping
  • Oversee and purchase supplies needed for worship, office work, church functions
  • Schedule and coordinate the use of the church and specific rooms by church groups and outside organizations
  • Administer insurance programs and all measures needed to limit liability
  • Maintain all insurance, property, maintenance, and other files as needed
  • In conjunction with the sexton, police the parking lot to ensure its availability to members and authorized weekday lessees.
  • Take responsibility for specially selected holiday decorations
  • To apply, email resume and cover letter to