Time and Talent Survey

 God doesn't just give us our talents, our gifts, to make us talented and gifted.


He gave them to us to use! 

The members of our church have many diverse skills and experiences that collectively are of enormous value to our church and its mission. 
Please take a moment to provide us with information that will help us to connect you with the outreach opportunities that best fit your skills, interests and schedule. This is not a hard commitment on your part, only a way to let us know a little more about your gifts and where they might be used to serve God's purpose. Thank you for your willingness to serve the Second Reformed Church community.
We would like all members (adults and children), adherents and friends of the church to submit a survey. One survey per person.
Your answers will not be registered until you click "Submit" at the end, so please expect to finish this survey in one sitting.
Continue to the Time and Talent Survey online by clicking here or if you prefer, download, print and complete a hard copy of this survey, complete it and return (or mail) it to the church office.