The Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Thursday, September 23, 2021

Current Consistory and Committees


The 2017 - 2018 Consistory and Committees

Leslie Malanga
Carol Miller
Jeff Ostroth
Gary Hickey
Wayne Kuss
Ted Northrop
Andreas deKlerk
Kathy McKnight
Ken Crusis
Michelle Hickey
Charlotte Panny
Dewey Walsh
Michael Malanga
Nancy Baker


     Executive Committee

President -  Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Vice President - Carol Miller
Clerk of the Elders - Jeff Ostroth
Clerk of the Consistory - Ken Crusius
Chairman of the Deacons - Kathy McKnight
Elder at Large - Gary Hickey
Deacon at Large - Michelle Hickey
Treasurer - Phyllis Hall
Administrator - Walter Troike


Education:  Michelle Hickey, Andreas deKlerk
Fellowship: Nancy Younger, Carol Miller, Kathy McKnight
Missions: Michael Malanga, Charlotte Panny
Property: Leslie Malanga, Ken Crusius
Stewardship: Gary Hickey, Wayne Kuss
Worship: Jeff Ostroth, Ted Northrop, Dewey Walsh