The Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Adler Aphasia Center Sunday Seminar

Sunday June 6th @1 PM on Zoom

Please join us as Adler Aphasia Center Education and Training Coordinator Robin A Straus, MS teaches us about Aphasia and how their program enriches the lives of those with Aphasia, their families, and communities. 


STEM Scouts Sunday Seminar 

STEM Scouts MetroLife/STEM Division Senior District Executive Ludmilla Perez teaches us about this program and how it helps boys and girls in grades 2-9 bring science, technology, engineering and math together in fun new ways! 


Barefoot Republic Sunday Seminar

Barefoot Republic Executive Director Tommy Rhodes leads us in a presentation about this program and their mission of celebrating diversity and building unity among people of all racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds through camp.


Preventing Scams Sunday Seminar

The Christian Education Committee of the Second Reformed Church of Hackensack presented our first Sunday Seminar of 2020.
DLt. Weber of the Hackensack Police Department will lead us in a discussion of how to identify and prevent phishing, imposter scams, robocalls, and card cracking.



Sustainability Sunday Seminar

Kathryn Hickey shares her experiences as an Eco-Rep and gives us tips on how to be an eco-friend to our planet.